Boiler Guard

System Accessory

Boiler Guard

Combined air and gas separator with dirt and sludge traps, with low loss header to hydraulically separate circuits in boiler and heating installations.

The air separator

The water flowing from the boiler comes up against an impact plate. It is then conducted through a honeycomb system, as a result of which the air is reliably separated from the water and completely conducted away by an automatic air bleeder. Due to reduced pressures during the multiple manipulation of the water flowing through the system, the air molecules present in the water are separated out to the maximum possible. After passing the Boiler Guard, the water is starved of air and can absorb the air present in the main system. The water flowing back from the heating circuits can release the air bubbles it is carrying along and deposit them via the perforated base and air pipes into the upper chamber.

The low loss header

The water flowing from the boiler enters the Boiler Guard. Depending on the flow rate, it can either flow via the integrated perforated plates to the heating circuits or to the boiler return. The resultant hydraulic separation makes the Strebel Boiler Guard a neutral zone for dynamic pressures. The perforated plates prevent turbulence and also allows for clean temperature layering despite having a much lower installation height than conventional branches.

The dirt and sludge trap

The speed of the water coming in from the mains is slowed down by a clarification box which becomes constantly larger and deeper. Impurities carried along with it are conducted downwards into the sludge pot and drained off via the large sludge valve. In addition to this, a magnetite separator can be integrated which magnetically binds rust particles and continually draws them out of the system. With the closed system the magnets can be taken out. The magnetite sinks to the base and can be drained off.