S-CB Cascade kits

Wall Hung Condensing Boilers


The S-CB+ 60 to the S-CB+ 120 (not including the PX models) can be combined in one cascade set, as can the S-CB150-180 boilers, but the S-CB PX 120 models can only be combined with the PX 120 model.

We can supply standard cascade systems with mounting frame, piping and low loss headers for up to four boilers in the 60-120 range, four boilers in the PX 120 range and up to six in the 150-180 range. For cascades with more boilers, a dedicated system must be designed.

S-CB+ boilers are equipped as standard with an internal cascade manager for up to twelve boilers.

The low-loss header can be fitted on the right-hand side as well as on the left-hand side without making any alterations to the delivered parts. The gas connection can also be fitted on one of both sides, independently from the side chosen for the low loss header.