Condensing Floor Standing Water Heater

The ATI-SPX 50/330 is a condensing gas fired direct water heater offering excellent efficiency, ErP compliant NOx emissions, whilst providing Domestic Hot Water on demand at 871 litres per hour lifting water from a 10°C source to 60°C. The unit is equipped with a 50kW power output, provided by a pre-mix burner, coupled with a 330 litre storage vessel which has a fully enamelled heat exchanger housed within.

The unit is also fitted with dual impressed current cathodic protection anodes to protect against corrosion, as well as an inspection flange at the base to allow cleaning of any calcium deposits. The storage tank is fully encased with polyurethane foam insulation to prevent thermal losses.

The ATI-SPX 50/330 is supplied on a mini-skid allowing pallet or forklift movement from every side making plant room placement as easy as possible. The unit is also supplied with an in-built flue enabling installation in either a concentric flue room sealed application or a twin flue arrangement.

  • Up to 101.5% nett combustion efficiency
  • Fully ErP compliant with NOx emissions of 39mg/kWh
  • Enamel lined tank with dual impressed current cathodic protection
  • 20% Hydrogen Mix compliant
  • Anti-free and Anti-Legionella built-in
  • Multiple flue options for ease of installation