ATI-SPX Glass Lined Water Heater

The ATI-SPX range comprises six floor standing models of a highly efficient gas fuelled direct fire water heater offering ErP compliant NOx emissions without compromising hot water production or footprint. With storage vessel sizes ranging from 155 litres to 740 litres the ATI-SPX range offers continuous hot water production, with a delta T of 50°C and water temperature of 60°C, of between 340 to 370 litres per hour.

Unlike most other single-layer glass lined tanks the ATI-SPX units have a double layer of enamel to ensure that all internal surfaces, especially corners and internal angles are fully coated with a thick layer of anti-corrosive material.

The units are designed as a complete skid mounted package making them easy to install on site. All the units are supplied with a fanned flue enabling installation in either a room sealed application or directly to the outside.

  • Over 95% nett combustion efficiency
  • Fully compliant with 2018 ErP emission regulations offering NOx output under 56 mg/kWh
  • Can be either Natural Gas or LPG Fired
  • Double layered glass lined tank fitted with sacrificial magnesium anode
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • Multiple flue options for ease of installation