S-ACE 15 Acoustic Enclosures

The S-ACE 15 acoustic enclosure offers noise reductions of up to 15dB(A) and is designed specifically for use with the range of one, two, three and four-fan S-ASX air source heat pumps with the vertical air discharge arrangement. The S-ACE 15 is available in a modular format so that multiples of S-ASX heat pumps can easily benefit from the acoustic reductions, achieving LPA noise compliance requirements.

The S-ACE 15 modular units are offered, as standard, pre-fabricated around the S-ASX heat pump which can then be delivered, by HIAB vehicle, to site. Alternatively, the S-ACE 15 can be assembled on-site with our team of skilled fabricators if required at additional cost.

Each S-ACE 15 unit comprises air intake louvres, a fan discharge attenuator pod, specially engineered acoustic walls and panels as well as an anti-vibration base with a built-in drainage system and comes in standard RAL7015 grey. Other colours can be offered upon request at additional cost. As each site will bring different challenges each S-ACE 15 can be modified to suit. In this way some designs may achieve the acoustic targets without the need for the fan attenuator pod, with outflow being achieved by the removal of upper layer panelling instead. The configuration of air discharge can also be adjusted to suit site-specific conditions so that it can be either from the side of the back.

In circumstances where greater acoustic attenuation is required then specific high-performance solutions can also be engineered with reductions up to 20dB(A) achievable. More information on such solutions will be offered, if applicable, on a project-by-project basis.

  • S-ACE 15 reduces noise by 12-15dB(A)
  • Modifications to standard designs available
  • Factory fitted modular design