Condensing Floor Standing Boiler


S-AF Aluminium Floor Standing Condensing Boiler

Offering Seasonal Efficiency across the range in excess of 95% to Part L calculations and Class 5 NOx emissions the entire range is ERP ‘A’ rated and is the perfect fit for many commercial heating applications. With a high quality aluminium heat exchanger providing optimal heat transfer from the combustion gasses to the waterside the S-AF and S-AF XL range offers an excellent value proposition for retrofits and new build projects alike. For ease of positioning and installation the boilers are supplied with built-in wheels and adjustable feet, and in the case of the XL range in two separate sections easing delivery through narrow access pinches.

With nominal outputs from 21kW to 620kW at 50/30 (F/R) in single boiler outputs and supplied with an integral cascade controller the S-AF and S-AF XL
boiler range offers a perfect solution where space or access is limited. Thanks to a specific series of accessories, it is easy to install into existing systems.

  • Ten models, from 115, 150, 200, 240, 280, 340, 410, 480, 550 and 620kW
  • Built in Wheels
  • ERP ‘A’ rated
  • NOx Class 5 Emissions
  • Small Footprint
  • Part L Seasonal Efficiency >95%
Technical Spec