Air to Water Heat Pump


Ultra High SCOP Air-to-Water Monobloc Design Heat Pump

The S-HPX-M range comprises three output models offering LTHW heating provision up to 8, 12 and 18 kW. As with all air source heat pumps, the efficiency of heat production and the amount of heat is influenced greatly by ambient air temperature. COP performances can vary between a high of 7.28 to a low of 1.09 depending on ambient air temperature and target flow temperature. Optimal COP performance is always achieved with a lower flow temperature.

As a monobloc system the units comprise all necessary components in the same housing and generate LTHW from the outside air temperature. The units are designed to be externally located with flow and return pipework connections feeding a buffer vessel, which would normally be located inside an adjacent building.

The S-HPX-M range offers SCOP of up to 4.96 based on 35°C flow temperature in an average climatic zone such as the UK. This performance is achieved by virtue of fully modulating stepless control, scroll compressors and state of the art soldered high grade steel plate heat exchangers which have been optimised for use with safety refrigerant R410a.
The S-HPX-M range can also be reversed to run in cooling mode and achieves between 5.7 to 6.1 SEER at A35/W18 parameters.

  • Three models including 8, 12 and 18kW
  • SCOP 4.96
  • Reversible cooling mode
  • Suitable for refurbishment projects up to 60°C
  • Full Accessory Range
Technical Spec