S-HW-S Stainless Steel Single Coil with Immersion

The S-HW-S range of calorifiers is a single coil indirect style water storage tank. Hot water production takes places by the exchange of heat from the finned inner coil into the primary water volume. The heat source for the coil is from an external energy source – such as a Strebel S-CB range boiler. The S-HW-S features a self-sustaining water replenishment system based on the Venturi effect which removes the need to install a traditional expansion vessel.

Available in five sizes offering DHW storage of 215,255,305,400 and 500 litres the S-HW-S is manufactured from high grade stainless steel and a high-performance finned coil with up to one square metre of surface area. The unit is fitted with an immersion heater as standard with a thermometer, pressure and temperature relief vale and is fully factory wired. The S-HW-S range is thermally insulated at point of manufacture with a Plastisol outer casing with 60mm thickness.

Offering up to 465 litres per hour at continuous output of 60°C with a user friendly footprint the S-HW-S is an easy to install, user friendly and maintenance free solution for multiple commercial applications where on-demand hot water is required – such as leisure centres, hospitals, hotels and schools.

The units come as standard in vertical format but are also available, on special request, on the horizontal and with twin coil (S-HW-T). On request vessels with storage of 1000,1500 and 2000 litres are also available.

  • High Grade Stainless Steel 316L
  • Immersion as Standard
  • No expansion vessel required
  • High Flow Rate
  • Low Standing Losses
  • Small Footprint