100 – 215 litres

Small Footprint Twin Immersion Water Heater

The SDC-Slimline range comprises five compact models of a high-grade duplex stainless steel cylinder, fitted with either one or two 3kW immersion heaters to provide heat input. As an unvented system, the SDC-Slimline uses mains cold water as supply. The cylinder encoporates a theromostat which is factory set at 65°C. The twin immersion heaters are used to maintain this target temperature to ensure the cylinder contains hot water. As water is drawn off, fresh mains water is replenished and heated to the set point.

All SDC-Slimline products are manufactured in the UK to relevent EU directives and in accordance with UK Building Regulations. The range also has WRAS approval and is ERP C rated.

• WRAS Approved

• ERP Class C

• 25 Year Cylinder Warranty

Technical Spec

• Double Coated Enamel Lining
•Anode Protected
• Fast Heat Up Time
• Robust Design
• Ideal for Retrofit

Technical Spec
ATI-SPX Brochure