Gasifying Boiler


Gasifying Log Boiler

The Turbotec Boiler is available in versions LC-E, LC1, LC1-BSB & LC2-BSB. The TT LC-E is delivered with full lambda combustion controls providing accurate trimming of air to give blue-flame burning.

The LC1 includes all the features of LC-E but with the added digital control of Heat Store supervision (Y2) and Boiler anti-corrosion control (Y1) of the return water temperature. Additionally, an extra standard feature included is an electronic door solenoid, preventing the loading door from opening until permitted by the digital controller.

The TT LC1-BSB & LC2-BSB are innovative market leading log boiler controllers, which include all the features of LC-E & LC1, but come complete with a large, multi-line display. The BSB function gives the ability to input wood type and allows the controller, with the use of 4 sensors, to give the user more control throughout the buffer and system and will indicate when the next load will be required.

The ability to control system circuits with the LC1-BSB & LC2-BSB; such as hot water & solar thermal integration – with weather compensation capabilities – gives proof to this ingenious controller and it’s many advantages for the user.

  • High tech wood-gasifying with lambda control system
  • High efficiency, low emissions
  • Burning process controlled precisely with microprocessors in the lambda control unit achieving max performance