The S-CBX range comprises four boiler models of a highly efficient, ultra low emission wall hung condensing gas boiler offering an output range from 16kW to 151kW at 50/30 (F/R) with 85kW, 105kW, 125kW and 155kW individual boiler nominal outputs. Each boiler offers NOx emissions of less than 24 mg/kWh (Class 6) in compliance with the maximum 2 credits available under BREEAM’s New Construction 2018 1.0 Technical Manual SD5078 guidelines¹.

With Seasonal Efficiency across the range in excessof 95% to Part L calculations the entire range is also ERP ‘A’ rated.

Benefiting from a corrosion resistant stainless heat exchanger as well as a small footprint, with a boiler width of only 440mm across the range, the S-CBX offers a wide range of output, ease of installation, ultra low emissions and high efficiency.

The S-CBX is also supplied with a built-in cascade controller to enable up to 16 boilers to be configured together offering up to 2.4MW output for heating and hot water installations. The boilers can be either wall or frame mounted and flued either co-axially (up to the 125kW boiler) or twin piped.

  • Under 24 mg/kWh NOx. Qualifies for maximum 2 points under BREEAM 2018 NOx limits.
  • ERP ‘A’ rated
  • 95% Part L Seasonal Efficiency
  • Cascade output up to 2.4MW
  • Seven Year Warranty on Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger